We Buy Houses In Los Angeles and San Diego

We have a passion for flipping houses. We have 9 units in the Midwest and 3 units in SoCal so far. Above all else, we love helping people. We solve problems for people who need to sell their house fast. There are lots of reasons for picking someone else over us. What matters is who you feel comfortable with. We work for you.

Owee Nicolas (with wife Anne)

Co-president & Founder

Noel with wife Azel

Noel Cacnio & Azel Laxamana

Co-president & Founder


We started in the Information Technology space 20 years ago. We are very analytical thinkers who like solving problems in the computer world or real life. We specialize in helping people sell their house fast and providing excellent service.

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Demonstrating reliability, credibility, and competence is of utmost importance for any service provider. Trying to appear credible can be exhausting, which is why we’ve chosen to be ourselves – genuine, humorous, kind, and truthful. We firmly believe that honesty shines through in everything one does, says, and the actions they take. Therefore, we focus on being authentic rather than attempting to appear credible.


We are committed to fairness and will never take advantage of those in distress. Our goal is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for everyone involved.

We believe in helping those in need, not exploiting their misfortunes. You can rely on us to be honest, supportive, and to genuinely work towards solving your real estate problems. Give us the opportunity to prove it to you!

We understand the importance of being treated with respect, honor, integrity, and empathy – just like you do. That’s why we will treat you with the same level of consideration and understanding.

We Buy Houses All Around Los Angeles and San Diego,
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Types Of Houses We Buy

Types of houses we have purchased in the past

House is in such bad shape an agent won’t touch it.

Simply don’t want to deal with agents or listings.

Undesirable location

Tenants are hell’s spawns

Mold, fire or water damage

Just want a quick fast sale.

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