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That Small Cape In West Covina CA

“I was taking care of my dad’s estate and I just was overwhelmed with it all.

The house was in bad shape, and obviously because of that listing it wouldn’t be an option.

I was skeptical at first because I had been dealing with national house buying companies before I contacted Armando-Novello

They are such a pleasure to deal with. Sold my house to them and it took 23 days from offer to closing”

“Armando Novello and his Team have been nothing but expecting. We needed to sell our home fast, and they simply bought it no issues. Glad I found you!”

— Mel & Jay, [West Covina CA]

That Yellow House In West Covina CA

They were sensitive to my many concerns when it came to parting with my family home and showed me the finished product which I could never achieve on my own. I found them to be professional, honest & hard working and would most definitely recommend them as a viable option when it comes to selling your home.” 

—Rosemary Grady [West Covina,CA]

“I have done business with Armando Novello and his team and they are absolutely great. Rare to find caring and honest people and that is exactly what they are. I would recommend them to my friends and family! That’s saying a lot! Thank you for standing by us through it all!”

—The Torcello Family, [West Covina,CA] 


“Needed to move fast. I really needed to get my house sold ASAP. They came in, gave me an offer and i thought it was a fair offer. I asked if I could stay in the house for a  month to get things sorted out and they let me stay. Everything went smoothly and I thought they were very considerate to all my wishes. Highly recommend Jess and Jerryll if you do not want to list with an agent.“

  -M.F., [West Covina,CA]

Living out of state and simply not having the time to deal with this, your company was a life saver. Thanks for the hard work. Wish you the best with the project.

—Megan, [West Covina,CA]

That “70s” House

“Armando Novello, all I can say is that you will ever understand how much you helped me and my mother. Not you nor anyone reading this review will ever know how much you helped us. I wish you all the best! For anyone wanting to know about my experience with Armando Novello, I will paste my review I left for him on his google reviews page:

Armando Novello is the best. I live out of state and had to sell my mother’s house quickly so she could move into assisted living. He is honest, dependable and the whole process took about a month. He encouraged me to seek other quotes to make sure I was satisfied with the price he gave me.

Overall, he was a pleasure to work with and made a situation that could have been very stressful much less so. The house didn’t even need to be cleaned out, he took care of that. I consider him a friend now and wish him continued success in the future.

If you want to sell your house fast and without hassle, he is definitely the man for the job.”

—  Marita Farrell, [West Covina,CA]

Armando Novello is a trustworthy, and hard working person. He will treat you fairly. Everything I’ve seen of his work shows they care about what they do and the people they work with. You won’t be disappointed”

— Rebekah Ouimette, [West Covina CA] 

“The Scary House“

It was a pleasure working with you.

—  Dennis Camputaro, [West Covina CA]

“I Needed to sell my house in West Covina. It was literally the nicest house on the street. Agents didn’t do any effort! Was hard to sell. Armando Novello is so genuine and hardworking, he provided us with an amazing experience. He says what he means and gave us honest information. He is old school spot on.”

— Michael Stratton, [West Covina CA] 

“That House Without A Basement“

“You were honest and did what you said you would do. Happy this is behind us so I can focus on my moms Health. Good Luck to you”

—Dale Maclin, [West Covina CA]

Armando Novello was great to work with. Honest, helpful and always looking for creative ways to create win-wins. I wish everyone I dealt with was as upfront as Jerryll.”

— Jon Godes, [West Covina CA]


“I needed to sell my house after the death of my spouse and wasn’t sure what to do and then I found this company by searching online.

Armando Novello were kind and honest through the whole process. I am so thankful. “

—  Lance French, [West Covina CA]

That Row House In Waterbury

“They were great! – Why? – Because the deal was smooth, fair, and went through with complete “consideration” of my needs as the seller of the property. I have already recommended to other interested property owners in the area to give them a call.

— Daniel Gray, [West Covina CA]

Armando Novello is one of the most diligent and upstanding people that I’ve come across since moving to CT. From robotics engineering to home renovation and marketing, he puts attention to detail and disciplined scrutiny into everything he does. I happily recommend Armando Novelloto anyone that needs to sell their house that doesn’t want to deal with agents.”

— Justin Shaddrick, [West Covina CA]

“I desperately needed to sell my house and my desperation was quite obvious. Armando Novello offer was $20K higher than the competition and I told him what my previous offers were. He could have simply offered me $1000,- more, but he didn’t. Really honest company.”

— Robert Hoegaarden, [West Covina CA]

“I am a google local guide and as such i review different companies, locations and share my experiences. As I am very interested in Real Estate investing so I ended up doing some research and met Armando Novello, as his website is ranking #1 on google. He was very eager to invite me along the process of real estate investing. I have joined him during walkthrough for potential flips. He is natural and was very knowledgeable when I or the sellers asked him any questions. Armando Novello kept me in the loop from the beginning of a walk through, straight through the process of closing the contract. Thank you Armando Novello for your time and knowledge, I truly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to get in this business myself one day.”

— Mukund Palsikar, [West Covina CA]

“Honest, up front and trustworthy, hard working people. An absolute pleasure to work with!”

— Chris Green, [West Covina CA]

“I met Armando Novello with We Buy Houses In Connecticut doing a contracting job. Very honest, and trustworthy. Just call him have a chat with him. See what vibe you get. You can just tell when you are dealing with a caring and honest person.”

— Rocky Torres, [West Covina CA]

“I am an investor in CA. Sometimes we get people that want to sell their 2nd home in an other state. It so happens we got a client that wanted to sell her house in CT to us. We only buy in CA so we referred her to Armando Novello. We were very cautious because it is our reputation on the line. A bad experience would reflect on us as we referred her. Needless to say, the client praised us for sending her to Armando Novello. It is only fair the praise goes to Armando Novello and his company. Thank you for being so honest and an upstanding person. You made us look very good, and we are very thankful for that.”

— Meghan Auger, [West Covina CA]

“We at Heritage One Builders, Inc. have been working with Armando Novello and his team (We Buy Houses In Connecticut) for quite some time now. They have always been genuine, honest, Compassionate and go to great lengths to help out others! Our business relationship has grown into a trusting bond that has been beneficial to both our business endeavors. We have referred clients to them and they, to us all with raving reviews. We highly recommend them for any and all real estate solution needs.”

— Denise

“They gave us an offer and then suggested 3 of their competitors to also request an offer from, so that we would be sure we would get the best offer. In addition they recommended 2 agents for us to find out how much the property is worth as is on the market, so that we know we wouldn’t be taken advantage of. I have spoken to about 5 we buy houses companies, and NONE, absolutely NONE, recommended us to ask for more offers from other companies. Other companies were hard to get in touch with, and all they cared about was their profits. Armando Novello and h Team are beyond anything we have encountered in their business niche. HIGHLY suggest to get in touch with them. Forget the others. You will thank me!””

— James Knotts, [West Covina CA]

“Stand-up guy. Didn’t ask for more money, didn’t lower the price. Kept all his promises. Glad I reached out to him!”

— Kelli, [West Covina CA]

“My mom (in Miami) needed to sell her house in CA urgently. We didn’t know how to even begin with us not being there. We chose Armando Novello because of all the amazing reviews, and his honorable motives to better human kind with the help f his robotics background. Super impressive. We made the right choice. You are a lifesaver Armando Novello. Much Love to you!”

— ChiiChii Cruz, [West Covina CA]

Picture was added with Seller’s permission!

“I rarely ever write reviews but had to come take the time to write one for Armando Novello. He was seriously amazing. Such a huge burden has been lifted from me because of him. He answered all of my questions and took any doubts away that I had. I was between a rock and a hard place where I had to sell my dads house immediately because I couldn’t afford the mortgage payment coming up. Going through a realtor would have taken months and a lot of money to fix up the place that I just didn’t have and the house is a complete wreck. Armando Novello came the same day I called him to look at my home. Explained how the process worked and even told me to do my own research with the info he gave me which made it a lot easier to do so. Did another day of shopping around and researching and Armando Novello gave me by far the best deal. BEST PART, he took the house off my shoulders before my next payment was due and I didn’t have to remove ANYTHING from the house. Thank you We Buy Houses In West Covina CA. I will be sleeping better tonight!!!”

— Jen Dean, [West Covina CA]

 Armando Novello is so genuine and hardworking, he provided us with an amazing experience. He says what he means and gave us honest information. You cannot work with a more ethical person. He is old school spot on.

— Michael Stratton [West Covina CA]

“My aunt needed money for medical expenses and the house was an absolute wreck! They came along, and house was sold. Got the money I needed. Everytime I think about it I want to hug you!”

—Cindy, [West Covina CA]

“I dealt with Armando Novello helping a friend sell her house. He is  very straight shooter and a very pleasant honest guy. Highly recommend him. He encourages you to talk to a realtor and have multiple options before making any decisions. He makes sure you are 100 % comfortable.”

—Lenny C, [West Covina CA]

“I did some work for Armando Novello, he is a very pleasant person to deal with , makes sure you are comfortable on worksite and doesn’t hesitate to offer his help if needed , pays in time, he is straightforward and understanding .”

—Mr Piatti, [West Covina CA]

“If you are looking to sell a house in Connecticut, I highly suggest you contact Armando Novello today. Armando Novello is honest, ethical and treats me and everyone he deals with fairly. You will be impressed with professionalism and promptness. I you need to sell your home quickly and are trying to figure out who to call, don’t delay, call Armando Novello today! He will help you like he has helped me.”

—Marcello Trolio

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